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The reason for the appearance of white smoke from the smoke

In our time, the car is considered one of the necessities of life, and the car, like any device or machine that we own, needs attention, care and attention to keep it as long as possible from damage or malfunction . Cars and the problem of the appearance of white smoke from Alchman.

How can we take care of the car from the outside

We clean the car from dust and dirt stuck on the outside of the car using water and spray it from the top to the bottom until it reaches the tires, and the bottom of the car must be sprayed to get rid of the dirt that is stuck at the bottom of the car body, especially in the winter, and a piece of sponge should be used Or a soft cloth with shampoo to keep the car paint from smudging or leaving marks on the paint in case something rough was used to clean the car body.

How can we take care of the car from the inside

The car must be taken care of from the inside, because the lack of attention and hygiene leads to the consumption of the car quickly and greatly, by cleaning it from dust and dirt using a vacuum cleaner, and we wipe the surfaces with a piece of cloth dampened with lukewarm water, and some special solutions can be used to clean Car seats and doors from the inside, and after wiping the structure from the inside, we make sure to dry it very well with a piece of dry cloth.

The most important problems that the car is exposed to and the problem of white smoke from the exhaust
1. A problem with the engine or the engine running:

One of the most common malfunctions is engine malfunctions. Everyone may face this problem, which is that the engine does not work when the car is running. This may be for several reasons, and the most important of these reasons is the battery damage or weakness in it, and the solution to the problem is either charging it from another car or replacing it with another new battery. In addition to this reason, the defect may be in the connections or wires that connect to the battery. The solution is to clean the negative and positive poles of the battery or change the connections with new ones.

2. The air conditioner does not work when it is running:

It is possible that we face the problem of the air conditioner not working when it is turned on, even though it is lit, and you will feel the presence of only non-cold air when operating. Refill the cooler.

3. Engine overheating:

Sometimes the engine temperature rises by black smoke coming out of the front hood of the car, and there are many reasons that may be behind the engine temperature, and in this case your car needs to be cooled in the right way, by turning off the car engine and opening the hood In a careful way, leave the car for a short period of time to cool down, then put water on the hood and the engine until it cools down.

4. The presence of sounds in the front or rear brakes:

And these sounds appear in the brakes, which indicates the brakes are worn out and worn out, or the presence of some brake dust inside the cylinder, but we must pay attention to the fact that this emitted smell is toxic substances that should not be inhaled.

white smoke from the smoke
Often when the car is running, the car exhaust comes out of smoke in several colors, including black, blue or white, and this does not mean that there is ever a defect or malfunction inside the car engine, but there is a study issued by the German Technical Authority for Quality Control about white smoke from the engine or Black or blue, the defects, problems and malfunctions that the car faces with the use for long periods and these faults are especially inside the motor in the car, and they may be the reason behind the exit of the car exhaust or white smoke from the engine in one of the three colors white, blue and black, where it must The gases emitted or coming out of the cashmere should be transparent in the normal situation, and there should be no engine malfunctions.

When emissions or gases of white smoke come out of the exhaust, the car is thick white smoke. This indicates that there is a problem with the cylinders in the car, i.e. inside the motor in the car. About water, which consists mostly of exhaust gases emitted or out of cold engines in particular or in particular.

Black smoke is coming out of the SHACMAN:
white smoke from the smoke
When emissions or smoke come out in black, which is mostly what appears in diesel-powered cars, this indicates a problem with the gasoline cycle inside the motor, which occurs as a result of the accumulation of soot and dirt particles in the exhaust group while traveling at slow speeds or when operating on neutral mode. The reason for this black color emission is due to the presence of dirt in the air filter.

blue smoke from shamrocks

When emissions of gases or smoke come out of a blue balloon, these gases and smoke indicate the presence of unburned fuel in the car or engine oil in the car burned in the exhaust gases, and this mostly occurs due to the high percentage of fuel in the exhaust gases during cold management or operation of the engine And there is a leak in the oil circuit inside the car.

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